I am so thrilled with the three new reviews I discovered on Amazon and Goodreads this week. How wonderful of readers to take the trouble to tell me how much they enjoyed The Song of the Cypress. Thank you all !

"I’m not skilled enough as a writer to pen a review for Tonia Parronchi’s The Song of the Cypress. Her poignant word artistry crosshatches Annie and Joe’s idyllic love story in luminous, pulsing colors that splash off the page.
While the Cypress sings its cadence of circular links of time and the opulence of changing seasons in the Tuscan landscape, Annie transforms from the shadow person created by the unrelenting demands of a demented mother into a real person, capable of loving and being loved. She embraces both the country lifestyle and her vibrant neighbors, including the “white witch” Fiammetta who transforms The Song of the Cypress into knowledge of herbal remedies and healing.
The spirituality espoused in this glorious Technicolor book is not Christian, but it echoes the same spiritual truth found in the Christian Bible: life does not end with death and every death is a new beginning.
Parronchi’s voice as troubadour for The Song of the Cypress never falters as it draws readers into words so rich, alive, and powerful that they can taste the food, feel the changing seasons and revel in the passion of love ripened to maturity.
Not that Annie and Joe get a free walk. Too hurt to trust, Ann flees from Joe when they first meet. She is so like the wild deer Joe carves from wood that he must maintain gentleness and patience to tame her flight. When Joe is faced with the truth that Annie has embraced The Song of the Cypress and belongs to the tree and its song, he must choose between loving her anyway – or leaving her behind.
This is the most lyrical and beautifully written story I have ever read. It deserves nothing less than a perfect rating."

Stephanie Parker McKean

"An absolutely fascinating, beautifully told story...make time for it because it's "unputdownable"
The Author has so cleverly and sensitively captured the essence of magic in the nature and traditions of Tuscany, the very essence that draws visitors from all over the world. As I read the beautifully written story of Annie and the other colourful characters, Fiammetta and Joe, Rita, Pietro and Lucia and Luna the dog, I felt I was immediately part of the story. This book has everything from great humour and irony, enchantment and awe to moments of sadness and nostalgia, soul searching. It made me laugh, chuckle, ponder, meditate and sob. The saddest moment being when I came to the end of the last page, I felt like I'd lost someone dear! All the ingredients for a Best Seller are here. Tonia Parronchi has great talent and truly deserves great recognition. This has to become a Bestseller and a film is bound to be made of this ! can't wait to see it and truly hope Tonia has another book in the pipeline! " Ruth E Philbin

I read 'The Song of the Cypress' with great enjoyment and interest. The story, written in a beautifully fluid and poetic way, is gentle, satisfying and touched by magic. The characters seem to etch their way into your heart as you turn the pages and find yourself participating emotionally in their lives. I too know and love that part of Tuscany and I feel that the author has really managed to capture the mystical essence of that evocative land and the folk that live there.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read; its a lovely book and a joy to anyone who loves Tuscany. Scarlett Laroma