A fantastic day filming a short interview, about me and my writing, on location in the, sweltering, valley where “The Song of the Cypress” is set. It was only 10 am as we set up the camera by the side of the dusty road but even the cicadas were too hot to croak. Dressed in jeans, a short-sleeved shirt and sexy sandals, a look that seemed just right in the cool of the house, I tried my best to look cool and collected as I stood next to hidden shrines, walked along cypress-lined lanes and hugged olive trees when ordered to by the director!
I should have known better than to wear the sandals. My heels dug into the crumbly earth as I scrambled up the bank, with as much dignity as I could muster, to crouch among the dry grass below the olive. “Keep still now” shouted the cameraman as I slapped at some insect that found my neck irresistible. The jeans were a good move though. They were sticking to me like a second skin by now but I knew that showing off my incredibly white legs would not have looked good. Until two weeks ago we were still wearing fleeces in the house at night and my legs have not had time to acclimatize to the heat yet. Ok, I hear my friends say, even at the end of summer they still look white but a girl likes to fantasize.
My sunglasses were slipping down my sweaty nose and I had to keep wiping and powdering my face. Inevitably, I knew, my cheeks would be flushed by now. I have a regrettable tendency to blush in any situation; heat, cold, wine, spicy food, embarrassment or excitement. Right now I was combining the effect of heat, embarrassment and nerves so I knew my cheeks would be way past the “healthy glow” phase. I Hoped they could do some miracle with the lighting later!
Then we moved into the wonderful shade of the cypresses, bathed in their cool, resin-scented shadows. What a relief. I pulled my shirt off my sticky back and fanned myself with it. I was beginning to feel better until the director asked me to walk up the road towards the camera. “Just look natural” were his famous last words. Vanity! I so rarely wear heels that walking “naturally” in them, especially along a road filled with stones and potholes, did not come easily. Cursing under my breath as more grit accumulated between my toes, I sauntered up the hill. It took several takes and I am not sure if the director said “cut” because he finally got a good shot or if he had given up.
However, it was fun and I cannot wait to see the finished result. Thanks to everyone involved for putting up with me and I
will post the video of the interview soon