Yippee! After delays and rejections from the local council for our renovation project they have at last granted us permission to knock down our old barn, move it about 40m into the neighbouring field and rebuild it as our home. Once we are actually living there, in that beautiful place, under the benevolent gaze of the Appenine Mountains, we will be able to think about what to do with the main building. Those 350sqm of ancient stones, the huge, still-sturdy beams, beautiful arches and huge tower room. Yes, I know, I am still in love with the old house, even though I have been persuaded to rebuild the barn first. It is a practical choice and will be very lovely, with the added attraction of fully functioning heating, hot water and, my personal favourite, less space to have to clean.
Now, since we live in Italy where everyone goes away on holiday for the whole of August; shops close, you cannot get your hair done (yikes how I need that right now!) and even those rare offices which are still open seem to run on hour-long coffee sessions interspersed by a ten minute work break, we will inevitably have to wait a while longer. However, we are moving forward and I am excited by the project again. I go to sleep at night visualising myself in every room of my new home. I am in a bit of a quandry over exactly the right shade for the bedroom curtains but everything else is fully furnished and operational in my mind's eye. What a great summer I am having!