This is my first blog written while I am in the process of setting up the web site. I am soldiering on although I find all this technical stuff very confusing. Writing is so much easier.
Guido and James have been away for 3 weeks now, sailing from Fiumicino to Corfu. I am here, dog-sitting or maybe Stella has been "mum-sitting" anyway, we have looked after each other. I was worried that I would find it hard to be alone but, although I have missed the boys, I have found that I enjoy my own company. I also enjoy having exclusive use of the computer instead of being chased of it by teenagers who need to "chat" and husbands who need to research boats for sale.
I am actually grateful for this time alone. I feel that I have got to know the true me again without having to juggle the roles of mother and wife.
Well, I am going to end this now and see what this page looks like!