Technology and me ... do not go together well, at all!

It is one of those well-known facts that you cannot be good at everything. Well, I am good with words but useless at maths. I am a good cook but try to toss me an apple and it will inevitably fall "splat" at my feet. I was the last to be chosen for any sport (except swimming, at which I excelled for some reason) at school. My feet were at serious risk when throwing the javelin, I skived off the cross-country runs to take the short cut through the woods, and do not think I have ever hit any ball aimed at me during tennis, netball or hockey games.

I can write on the computer and even managed to set up my own website and this blog page, but it is a good job no one was in the same room as me when I was doing these things, as my language was not fit for delicate ears :) Now, egged on by my, very patient, publisher "Sunpenny" and author friends, I am on Facebook and can be found tweeting away quite happily most days. I even found out where the hashtag key was last week and since then have been happily inserting # everywhere.

So, I am not quite sure what I think about an unexpected gift my lovely husband gave me today. I am now the proud owner of a "proper" telephone. A Samsung J5 to be exact! Maybe I should explain that my first mobile phone was a gift from my father about 15 years ago and the main problem with it was that I somehow managed to turn it on with my house keys when it was nestling in my handbag. I was unaware of this but Guido got fed up of receiving calls from me, from the muffled depths of my bag. Luckily for me, when I mentioned this dilemma at a friend's house one summer evening, her sweet son dashed off into the house and came back with his old phone which had a flip-up lid, perfect for protecting it from the savage attack of keys in bags. I loved it from the start and have treasured it ever since. I refused point blank to upgrade. I even love the shape of this old phone, like a small black pebble or shiny dinosaur egg (dinosaurs are the right epoch for this phone, my son, James, sarcastically claims!) that fits easily in my palm. Recently, while driving home from Germany to Italy, my husband asked me to phone a friend for him on his smart phone. I am not sure what I did but the numbers somehow became all mixed up and it took him hours, once we got back home, to sort out the mess. 

So, now I am both excited and nervous about my darling new phone. I like it because it is called a J5.  J for James  - 5 is a nice number. I will call it Jay, which sounds quite friendly. Maybe, if I am lucky, we will build a good relationship. I shall have to develop new skills such as that sliding motion used to turn it on and off (not easy for me) and writing without having a proper button to press (such a satisfying feeling to actually press down and know you have done it right) however, I think it might prove to be worth the effort. I will let you all know how I get on.

Right now, Jay is charging up. It is best if he has a good rest before we begin the battle of transferring old numbers, getting to grips with pre-emptive text and finally ... making a call or two.

Wish us luck!