That Holiday Feeling

So much has been written on this topic! Probably because people are constantly stunned by just how different our thought processes are. However, I want to take a moment here to talk about the fine art of suitcase packing.
Whenever we go away I plan my outfits for days, sometimes even weeks, beforehand. Anything I think I might need gets washed, ironed and put away. Then a day or so before we are due to leave I spend ages trying things on to make sure that everything still fits (how I wish it always did!) and that this top goes with those shorts. You never know, there might not be a full-length mirror where we are going and I would hate to be wandering around on holiday looking mismatched! Then there are the sleepless nights spent wondering how many pairs of sandals are strictly necessary. The silver ones are great but flat, so my white trousers touch the ground - better take the navy ones with high heels. Those will not go with the little black outfit for the evening though so we need black heels too. For walking along the seafront, something comfortable, or maybe two in case one pair breaks. Another dilema - bikini or costume. I always take some of both but end up only wearing the bikinis so that more of me will turn nicely pink before peeling, even though I know I look decidedly better in a one piece! The finishing touch is accessories; a few scarves that double as beach wraps or cover shoulders if it gets cool; necklaces and earrings - get every outfit back out of the wardrobe and see what looks best with each.
So now it is the day before we leave and Guido fetches the suitcases down and gives them a dust off when I ask him, then goes back to reading his book while I carefully fold things so that they will crease as little as possible and sort through toiletries for us both.
About an hour before going to bed Guido will inform me that he had better pack. I love to watch this whirlwind moment so prop myself on the bed for a good view. He opens drawers and grabs a handful of beach shorts and boxers and a pair of socks or two. Then, for some inixplicable reason, he always packs 2 white T-Shirt vests, which he never wears. Next comes the wardrobe selection - 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, one pair of long trousers and a sweatshirt in case. Finished. Nothing gets tried on or looked at to see if it matches, he just plucks up whatever he comes across first.

Guido is a true traveller. He likes to travel light. Shame he married me really, isn't it, since he always ends up carrying my luggage too! Don't you just love men?