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This page is dedicated to people and things that

inspire me in my personal life or in my work



First a big thank you to my lovely publisher

Jo Holloway of Boathooks Books

for believing in me and being so encouraging.




Caroline is an artist who lives for part of the year in a beautiful old watermill in Tuscany and the rest in her native California. Her brilliant work reflects the places that she loves best with their distinctly individual styles, from her moody Tuscan cypresses and  the sun-filled lavender fields of Provence to the seascapes of the Californian coast. She has also done the artwork for a film, that is set in Europe at the turn of the century, called the Absynthe Drinkers. Apart from being so talented she is also a wonderful, fun and beautiful lady and fortunately for me she is a good friend. She has said that she will allow me to use her work for a book cover, which is wonderful because her paintings really do capture the spirit of this part of Tuscany, the magic and the power of the elements.

Caroline's comment on The Song of the Cypress

... by the way, spent much time away from computers finishing up on books and yours I read till the end last eve.

Lovely, my Dear! and transcending... eloquent words to the inspirations of many of my paintings...

....& the Goddess in us all!!!

This is the painting which I would use for the cover.It creates the right feeling of authentic natural beauty and a touch of hidden magic.

it is so close to the setting of the book, with its cypress-lined lane that draws the readers eye upwards, the way Annie was drawn along it in the novel, its distant mountains and its warm Tuscan light.  

If you would like to see more of Caroline's work and have a visual counterpart to what I describe in the book, have a look at her website



 Scarlett is a truly inspirational woman. She lives near me in an apartment in an old castle on a hill where she can surround herself with the beauty of nature and the peace that is essential for her soul. Although she is a very private person she loves to share her philosophy with others and her fascinating lectures on the elements and how they reflect our inner needs have touched me deeply. If I ever feel stretched in all directions by life's demands I drive up to see her and always come back home feeling joyful and rested. Her art is mostly sumptuous wall hangings which she creates using wonderful fabrics that she finds locally and embellishes with embroidery. Because of the 3-dimensional nature of the work they are not easy to photograph and it is only when you are standing in front of them and see them shimmer and move as the sun and shade play across them that they truly come to life.








To see Scarlett's art or read some of her writing and poetry, visit her website. Also, look out for her book 

"Looking Through the Mirror of the Elements"

The book is a treatise of her personal philosophy. By looking closely at the four essential elements of nature that surround us, and applying them to ourselves we can help to nurture, replenish and improve our lives.





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