Tonia Parronchi

Some photos of people and things that I love .....

The light, colours, scents and vibrancy of Tuscany


Guido, his spirit, gentleness, strength and love of life

Grapes! Not only in our vineyard but far more importantly in our homemade wine.

Sailing - yes I do actually like it in spite of my moaning - with family and friends.

My incredible parents Audrey and Derek

You are my heros!

 Hidden shrines and old stone walls - such history in these places

England, the home of my soul


 My son James. I love everything about him, always have and always will.

Our beautiful new home - still a ruin but is going to be  the perfect place for us to live.

 Stella; the funniest, sweetest friend I ever had. I miss you girl!


Special friends.

Those in human form and those hidden in the rocks and trees




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