Tonia Parronchi


Poetry, like art, is not always easy to understand except for the artist involved. In a certain sense poetry, although often obscure, is more intimate than prose. It usually stems from an instant of intense feeling, is unplanned and spontaneous and, like a photograph, can encapsulate all that one feels in a certain moment in time. This little booklet is meant in particular for my Mum who, with her wisdom, courage and generosity, is an inspiration. I intend it to be a small journey through my mind, showing the way I lived certain periods and experiences of my life. 

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  It is all about passion, don't you think? The capacity to live life to the full, to break through the limiting boundaries that society presents to us and to find our true selves. Sometimes we perceive the truth through a veil of fear, other times we cannot restrain the joy that overtakes us. "Riding" was written just after Guido bought a motorbike and took me for a hair-raising but exhilarating ride. 


 Legs gripping, hands on your waist, 

We swerve, into the curves;

And it's life on my lips that I taste, 

in the tangible heat of the earth.

The scent of wild herbs wafts quick,

Fanning my face in pungent sighs.

the steady throb of road-music,

Is sensually strumming my thighs.

The power that carries us onwards

And the power that burns deep within,

Join the pulse of life all around us,

Blurring lines between bike, earth and skin.

So, plunge on round the bend by the river,

Burn up the steep cypress-lined hill,

let us fly through the warm wind forever

you and me, soaring free, where we will.






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