The Friendly Alien

I wrote this for my son who was very scared of aliens when he was little. He had watched a film at a neighbours house and was terrified of going to sleep. When I said that I could not understand him, since he was not at all scared of Star Wars which was full of scary creatures, he very wisely informed me that Star Wars was "long ago in a galaxy far away" not here on Earth. So I made up Kaalm, a very nice alien and had a lot of fun doing so. Please download this story if you would like to. It certainly helped James overcome his nightmares and made him laugh a lot when I read it to him.


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                               The Friendly Alien


Kaalm is on a one year mission from planet Jobi to  monitor a strange race called humans. Everything is under control until he misstimes his landing and gets caught in the branches of a high tree just as James' family is approaching through the woods.

Kaalm transforms himself from the clumsy human form he had taken on to blend in - cannot do much blending in half way up a tree, after all. In his Jobian form of multi-coloured pulsating energy he whizzes down to the ground but has no time to hide before the human boy and his dog find him so he transforms himself into the least threatening shape that comes to his mind. That is how Kaalm comes to be adopted by James in the guise of a kitten and his hillarous adventures on Earth begin.  

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