The Song of the Cypress

 The Song of the Cypress

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Here is what Stephanie Parker McKean, author of "Bridge to Nowhere" and other books,

had to say about "The Song of the Cypress" in her review on Amazon.

"I’m not skilled enough as a writer to pen a review for Tonia Parronchi’s The Song of the Cypress. Her poignant word
 artistry crosshatches Annie and Joe’s idyllic love story in luminous, pulsing colors that splash off the page.
While the Cypress sings its cadence of circular links of time and the opulence of changing seasons in the Tuscan landscape,
 Annie transforms from the shadow person created by the unrelenting demands of a demented mother into a real person, capable
of loving and being loved. She embraces both the country lifestyle and her vibrant neighbors, including the “white witch”
Fiammetta who transforms The Song of the Cypress into knowledge of herbal remedies and healing.
The spirituality espoused in this glorious Technicolor book is not Christian, but it echoes the same spiritual truth found in the
Christian Bible: life does not end with death and every death is a new beginning.
Parronchi’s voice as troubadour for The Song of the Cypress never falters as it draws readers into words so rich, alive, and
powerful that they can taste the food, feel the changing seasons and revel in the passion of love ripened to maturity.
Not that Annie and Joe get a free walk. Too hurt to trust, Ann flees from Joe when they first meet. She is so like the wild deer
Joe carves from wood that he must maintain gentleness and patience to tame her flight. When Joe is faced with the truth that Annie
has embraced The Song of the Cypress and belongs to the tree and its song, he must choose between loving her anyway –
or leaving her behind.
This is the most lyrical and beautifully written story I have ever read. It deserves nothing less than a perfect rating"

The Song of the Cypress is set in the beautiful Tuscan valley where I live

 "The rough bark of the cypress beneath my fingers and Fiammetta's calloused hand in mine felt almost the same and there was a strange energy in the air that seemed to run through us all as if we were part of a single entity. I closed my eyes and leant back, feeling the connection run through me. Blood and sap flowing together. The power was incredibly strong and beneath it a sound like a low hum, a sound that could have been a small insect buzzing in the grass, or the breeze among the dry needles at our feet, or the clouds gathering in the sky. It could even have been time itself, humming as it glided inexorably within our cells"

    Annie sets out to make a better life for herself in a mystical, timelessly beautiful Tuscan valley. Intrigued by Joe, her American neighbour and strangely drawn to the ancient cypress which protects her new home, she begins to stretch the boundaries of her world. Her inner journey is guided by the cypress and by its old guardian Fiametta, who the locals believe to be a witch. Let the cypress reveal the secrets of its song, in a story that will enchant you and surprise you with its power.



Just a few quotes from readers who have been kind enough to write to me about
The Song of the Cypress. Thank you all so much!

I enjoyed this book immensely.  It has beautiful descriptive, poetic style and it is easy to get into the story and to identify with the main characters.  I loved the essence of the story _ the connection with earth and nature and the love for natural elements.  I found it spiritual and calming, with an inspiring quality.  I will treasure it and read it again.  It has inspired me to find out more about Tuscany  and the way of life there, so I will do a little research of my own!  Beautifully written.

Very rarely have I found books that make me feel like I'm actually part of it, living the story as if it were part of my real life, and when it happens I don't want to let it go; while I was reading it, thoughts of Anne, Jo, Fiammetta and all the other characters would come into my mind while I was at work or at home doing something boring and take me into their lovely world, an ancient Tuscan feeling of true people, real tastes, country fayres. I can still visualize through Tonia's descriptions those beautiful hills in the mist and the secret places that those beautiful hills can hide, through the Cypress I visualized all the history that those hills have been testimony of through the centuries."
Toni you've brought back the pleasure of reading, thank you.

I'd love to know more about Fiammetta. She's an amazing character - I connect with her most in the book, and I definitely would have been Pietro, both young and old. Some people are never to be forgotten, and Fiammetta is one of them - One day maybe you could write about her, and whoever passed the flame to her.

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